Knowing your customers is the business of science.

Understanding your market and customers’ needs is a key success factor in any business. It is especially important in fast-moving biotechnology, life sciences, and health sciences markets.

What We Do

BioPlan Associates is in the business of delivering the tactical and actionable information you need to make smart, aggressive marketing decisions.

Our clients take self-assured, positive marketing actions, and they get more rapid, positive results.

What We Deliver

Confidence. Our clients’ decisions are based on customer needs, about what they want, need, and are willing to pay for. Our technology clients get the decision-making tools and actionable information they need to make decisions today:

  • Can I raise my prices today?
  • Where are my customers hiding? My competitor seems to be finding them!
  • What new products will they be buying tomorrow?
  • Should I invest in that new technology? How big is the market?
  • What message do they need to hear from me to get them to buy?
  • Why are they buying from my competitors and not me?
  • Should I enter that overseas market?

We deliver to our customers the confidence they need to make more aggressive, rapid, tactical marketing decisions. Marketing managers feel more self-assured about their actions. Positive actions get more rapid, positive results. We provide highly targeted, actionable marketing research.

Our “Space”

Biopharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics, and life sciences suppliers seeking customer needs analysis need to make smart decisions.