BioPlan has developed the only biofacilities database subscription that tracks over 1,600+ facilities worldwide manufacturing biopharmaceuticals. Hundreds of facilities with commercial products, many more supporting clinical production, account for well over $10 billion in equipment and consumable sales. Updated since 2008, including comprehensive information and insights. Subscription includes quarterly newsletter, and comprehensive annual review. Based on 30 years of evaluating and benchmarking the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

Analysis uses publicly available information and data amassed over decades. Regularly updated with expert review to ensure accuracy. Top 1000+ Biopharmaceutical Facilities Index counts, indexes and ranks each facility, provides regional quantitative analysis of biomanufacturing regions and clusters. Capacity in total bioreactor Liters recombinant and other culture-produced proteins, antibodies, vaccines, cellular products, are included.

Concentration of Global Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Last updated: Oct 26, 2020

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BioPlan's Top 1000 Global Biopharmaceutical Facilities Index™

As of Monday, Oct 26, 2020

RankFacility NameCompany NameCountryIndex [?]Details

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1Chung-Gu FacilitySamsung BiologicsSouth Korea379
2Vacaville Bio-Manufacturing FacilityGenentech/RocheUSA358
3West Greenwich Bio-Manufacturing PlantAmgen Inc.USA270
4Amgen Juncos Bio-Manufacturing FacilityAmgen Inc.USA264
5Grange Castle Bio-Manufacturing FacilityPfizer Inc.Ireland263
6Biberach Bio-Manufacturing FacilityBoehringer Ingelheim GmbHGermany261
7Hillerod Bio-Manufacturing FacilityFujifilm Diosynth BiotechnologiesDenmark230
8Penzberg Bio-Manufacturing FacilityGenentech/Hoffmann-La Roche AGGermany230
9Wavre FacilityGlaxoSmithKline Biologicals S.A. (GSK)Belgium218
10originally NIMO (New Idec Manufacturing Operation)Genentech/RocheUSA214