BioPlan Overview

BioPlan Associates, Inc. is a biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare management consultancy, publishing and market information services provider. We deliver strategic analysis and market information so our clients can make smarter, more effective business decisions. We have worked with life sciences companies of all sizes, large and small since 1989. Our extensive market research and management project experience covers biotechnology and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, vaccine and therapeutics development, diagnostics, devices, biotechnology supply, physician office labs and hospital laboratory environments.

What We Deliver

Confidence. Our clients’ decisions are based on customer needs, about what they want, need, and are willing to pay for. Our technology clients get the decision-making tools and actionable information they need to make decisions today. We deliver to our customers the confidence they need to make more aggressive, rapid, tactical marketing decisions. Marketing managers feel more self-assured about their actions. Positive actions get more rapid, positive results. We provide highly targeted, actionable marketing research.

Our “Space”

Biopharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics, and life sciences suppliers seeking customer needs analysis to make smarter decisions.

Resources Related to Biologics:

  • We have developed our Biotechnology Industry Council™ through our 25+ years of networking in this industry. Our “BIC” includes over 650 industry subject experts on various key panels able to participate in analysis and research on topics associated with biopharmaceuticals, manufacturing and services. This includes nearly 500 bioprocessing professionals in the US and EU, and over 150 in India, and China.
  • Our directory includes geographic bioprocessing concentration data on most facilities, regions, and countries.
  • We have one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry including over 50,000 biopharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • We develop extensive relationships with biomanufacturers through our annual report on the industry (Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, see:
  • Our principals and researchers have been involved for 25 years in analysis of the production of vaccines for government use.