Where biologics are being manufactured can be more important than how much revenue is being earned from them. Manufacturing is a core operation and is a fixed, long-term commitment to a community, an employment base, and a strategy. The success of a biomanufacturing enterprise, or biotech cluster, depends as much on its human capital as its fixed capital, and a critical mass of educated and skilled people is needed to establish a viable cluster. Funding alone isn’t enough.

As part of BioPlan Associates’ nearly 30 years of evaluating and benchmarking the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industry, we are sponsoring the Top 1000+ Global Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities Index. We track over 1,000+ facilities worldwide with involvement in biopharmaceutical manufacture. (We are constantly updating with new facilities.) This includes hundreds of facilities with commercial products, and many more operating at smaller scale to support clinical testing. These facilities account for well over $10 billion in equipment and consumable sales annually.

BioPlan Bio-Facility Index and Biomanufacturers Ranking

  • Overall fixed capacity
  • Manufacturing-related employment
  • Number of commercial and clinical biological products

Our analysis uses publicly available information amassed over decades. In addition, we have recruited dozens of participants to maintain and review the listing, through our Biotechnology Industry Council. Most uniquely, to keep the data up-to-date and accurate, we have implemented a ‘Wiki’ approach where the industry itself contributes public knowledge. Of course, before any updates occur, our Panel of Experts reviews proposed changes to ensure accuracy.

Top 1000+ Biopharmaceutical Facilities Index also provides counts and indexed rankings of each company, as well as the regional ranking based on the sum of each facility Bio-Index. This allows a quantitative analysis of the strength not only of the biomanufacturers but of the regions and clusters, as well.

Benchmarking Benefits

Knowing where key people and facilities are located is critical for decision making. Besides comparisons between facilities and companies, the Top 1000+ enables geographic, indexed comparisons on a local state or country basis. The clustering of related facilities and professionals in the same locale is important for high-tech industry growth. Companies, investors, HR departments, analysts, regional business development authorities, and governments can use this resource to address a variety of strategic issues. For example:

  • Where is biopharmaceutical manufacturing capacity and employment clustered?
  • Where is the industry growing most rapidly, and by which indexed factors?
  • How many facilities are there in China, India, Russia and other developing countries today? How rapidly are they growing? How do they compare with U.S. and European facilities?
  • Where is large-scale capacity being added, and who controls this?
  • Where do companies rank in terms of their impact on the biopharmaceutical industry, employment, capacity and overall health?

“Capacity is reported in terms of the total/cumulative bioreactor capacity in Liters at that facility. Only biopharmaceutical capacity is included — recombinant and other culture-produced proteins, antibodies, vaccines, cellular products, etc.”

Top 1000 Bio List

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